Vlog 9 – Ode to Facilitation

I was asked to run some facilitation training recently. I decided to kick off with something different, a poem giving a summary of some of my thoughts on facilitation.

Vlog 7

An update, a callback to previous VLOGs and content.

Vlog 5

I return to my roots with my latest idea to explore. How can I grow my business by working in partnership with other facilitators and trainers.

Vlog 3

In my 3rd Vlog I talk about group facilitation, Specifically, how I achieve my most resourceful state for facilitation…all feedback and comments welcome. There is a shout out in here to Bob, Brian, Nigel and, Rob. Thanks for supporting me.

Vlog 1

As a Learning Facilitator, Coach and Consultant, I am offering a business and personal Vlog to the world. Gulp!

Vlog 8 – Changing State

When I face the prospect of creating a vlog, I’m filled with dread, it makes me feel vulnerable. I go through a process of changing my state to get in a good place to create the vlog. This vlog is my explanation of that state change.

Vlog 6 – Awamu

An introduction to Awamu. Awamu is a charitable organisation working with Women’s groups in the slums of Kampala who support vulnerable young people with education, nutrition and enterprise skills.

Vlog 4

A book review for “The Art of Learning” by Josh Waitzkin with a story about Go-Karting.

Vlog 2