Hello, good morning, good afternoon everyone, good evening depending on when you are watching.

I’ve been away on holiday so I am just back now and getting my feet under the table as it’s been busy, so apologies for the delay since the last vlog.

I am wanting to start by saying thank you to everyone who’s been commenting about my vlogs, massive thanks to the Wolf Pack, my cricket team who have actually shared the latest vlog on the WhatsApp group and lots of people commenting and having fun and enjoying my vlogs, so a big shout out to the Wolves.

This vlog is all about a book – this book is called ‘The Art of Learning’ it’s by Josh Waitzkin and it’s an incredible book, which I’ve really enjoyed and I wanted to tell you a story about how I’ve been using the learning from the book.

I went on a stag-do this weekend, the amazing Dan Jones’ stag-do and on the Sunday morning 36 chaps turned up to go-carting. Now, I love go-carting and I thought I was going to do well, so I’d told a couple of friends that I was going to come top four out of the stag-do. Now, that was before I saw that some of the people on the stag-do had actually brought their own go-carting kit. One of the guys who brought his own kit, was actually a former national champion at go-carting, so I was kind of like “oh, maybe I won’t do so well”. I was thrown a little bit by that, but I threw myself into it and I loved going around the track and having great fun.

But, after the first couple of heats, I was nowhere and I was busy blaming the karts and saying “oh I didn’t have a very good kart” and things like that, but I knew that I was responsible for my performance and I knew I wanted to change it. So, I thought back to the book that I’ve been reading and I thought about how he studied learning and he studied his own performance and how he learnt from others and I went around the venue looking at all the different places where you could watch the races from and I was watching how different people were performing in different corners; different people had different ideas for the start and just trying to bisect everything that I could learn to take on-board, so breaking it down into the parts and thinking about what I could learn.

In the meantime I was telling the friends who I had previously said top four, “well now I’m not even going to finish in the top twenty, this is ridiculous and I’m doing terribly.” Actually, from the moment I started to think about how I learn, my performances improved. There was one more trigger that I thought was very important. In the very next race I was doing really well and someone bashed me out of the way, and I got really angry and I think that unlocked something that was really effective for me in that particular style of driving; to have that anger, to have that real desire to win, that real thirst for victory. So, anyway, I carried on carting, things improved and I managed to qualify for the final and I managed to finish third in the final, which I was very chuffed with – achieving my original goal of top four.

Really the point was, that even on a stag-do I was still being a massive geek about learning, and it was this book ‘The Art of Learning’ by Josh Waitzkin that really inspired my performance, so I encourage you, if you are interested in learning, it would be a great book to read.

Thanks very much.