What I’ve got for you today is very different.

I was given a project recently to work with a client, to work with a team on delivering some facilitation training, and I thought I wanted to do something different, something fresh. I spoke to my cousin, who has an incredible talent for putting words into rhymes and creating poems and we came up with this together, it’s a joint effort from me and Greg, so thank you Greg. It’s my Ode to Facilitation Training.

I’m going to read it and I’m not going to try and pretend that I’m not, look I’m reading it. So, Ode to Facilitation Training:

The only way to open today, is to start at the very beginning,
An intro to the introduction, gets me do-ray-meing.
Various elements make facilitation work and the most important is connection,
It’s not bums in seats to me, I want to reach out to each and every reflection.
Really connecting with every single one, real talk, heart-to-heart,
Ensuring you all feel welcome today, is the only real way to start.

It’s also important to prepare your day, I’ve prepared this as you can tell,
I like to know what’s going to happen, a plan helps the day to go well.
What’s vital is the subject matter, not getting along with me,
My aim for each and every session, is to show that content is key.
In fact, to be a ‘clean’ worker, is a process I’d like to make clear,
As I stay out of the way and create for the day, the impression that I am not here.

Clean facilitation is one such technique, a tricky but useful illusion,
One’s impact remains unfelt by others, by repeating words back, as a question?
For me this is public coaching, I use questions like this to bring hope,
When clarity’s needed, an idea is explored and it helps other people to cope.
To demonstrate flexible working, and to help get this session begun,
I’ll say a few words in this middle verse, so now I am halfway done.

Being vague on agendas and purpose, is a method of great repute,
To continue on in an obvious way, might not always be the best route.
If halfway there you see more clearly, a more effective way to go,
You can elect to take the easier path and be effortless still in your flow.
Pay attention to non-verbal feedback, assessing if all are engaged,
I look for clues in what’s said and what’s not and check body language for rage.

I like to be interactive and happy to speed up or slow back,
You just need to let me know and I’ll make sure we are always on track.
Finally let’s talk about outcomes, we all want to aim for that point,
The outcomes can be specific or vague, so long as the conclusion is joint.
Rapport is the key, as I said at the start, though some people mis-match its true,
A fun thing to try, whilst working on the fly, is to go with the mis-matcher’s view.

My structure is to give flexibility, a playful take on what you need to shift,
When challenging, gently use humour, your feedback is really a gift,
You want to be the best you can, to help your clients succeed,
I cannot give you all the answers, but I hope that this plants a seed.

That’s it, that’s my poem for you. I hope you liked it. I look forward to the comments and feedback as always.

See you soon.