Hi everyone, welcome to vlog 3 on Group Facilitation.

Thanks very much to everyone who has commented on the previous vlogs, both online and in person – it’s been really nice and it’s really making me want to get back and do another vlog, so here I am.

I thought that in this, my 3rd vlog of the year, I could give you some tips on what I’ve learnt about group facilitation. In fact, I’ve taken inspiration from Bob, Nigel, Brian and Rob who I’ve interviewed as part of my NLP Modelling project a few years ago. All are people who I know well and who I have worked with from time to time and who I really respect their facilitation skills, their training skills.

Now modelling is a process, its kind of unpacking this conscious and often subconscious strategies, in order to duplicate results. In my four interviews I had a whole host of tips and strategies and ideas, and I guess I wanted to boil it down, I wanted to create my own model to pass on.

For me, what it comes down to – I mean, when I want to access my emotional, resourceful state, to prepare for a facilitation event, it all comes down to love. Total hippy right?!

Seriously, if I think about how much I love the people that are in the room, or how much I love humanity and therefore anyone that can walk into the room, in that space and in that mindset I am ready to accept everything about everyone in the room; to be curious, to serve them, to help them, to truly understand both what they are saying and what they’re not saying.

For me it comes down to love, pure and simple.
Until next time.