Hi everyone, welcome back. I’ve had a break, I’ve had a natural pause from vlogging over the summer, but I’m back with a vengeance; it’s September and it’s time to crack on and keep going.

So thank you to those of you who are listening and watching for the first time and thank you to those of you who have come back and maybe some of you have even watched all seven vlogs – wow, good on you!

So part of vlogging for me is about progress, it’s about reporting back my progress, it’s kind of a journaling experience for me, to keep up-to-date with what’s happening and my reflections on what has happened and also looking forward to what will be happening and being excited about that.

So, in terms of reflections, in terms of the progress I’ve made, I want to bring you up to date with the associate work and the kind of call out for partnerships that I did earlier in my vlogging. It’s been going incredibly well. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had, both from my clients, who have welcomed with open arms the prospect of me using associates to deliver some work and from partners and associates, people I know, who have got in touch to do associate work for me.

I’ve just delivered a huge project in Switerland, a five day conference for a huge charity. Delivered through two associates who I brought in, who did a fantastic job, so a massive shout out to Anne Marie and Andy for an amazing job for Walsh’s Learning to Achieve in Switzerland. And so, thanks for that and many more to come I hope. It’s fantastic to be involved in that kind of work.

So in terms of what’s coming up next, I am literally today flying out to Uganda, I’m going to see Kerry. I’m going to see one of my best mates Kerry and that’s going to be awesome and catch up with her. She’s been living out in Uganda for a couple of years now doing some VSO work, but we are mainly focusing while we are out there with Emma, on the Awamu project, so we are going to be visiting the women’s groups that we support as part of the Awamu charity that I talked about before.

I’m a trustee of the charity and we are still on the lookout for volunteers, if you know anyone who can help us with finance, if you know anyone who can help us with social media, then we’d be fascinated to hear from you, and Trust and Foundation work as well, so if you know anyone who could help us with researching Trusts, that would be really good. So shout out for help, please get in touch if you know anyone.

Massive thanks to all of you for watching and just a quick little vlog today to say welcome back and I’m getting back in the groove and I’ll be vlogging again soon so watch this space. Thank-you.