Finance Through Play

Finance Through Play is a business simulation programme which enables participants to unpack the cause and effect of business based decisions. In doing so they gain a cognitive understanding of the decisions made and their role in implementation.

Delivering the Finance Through Play programme opens people’s eyes to the simplicity of making good business decisions, allowing them to step back and rationally assess scenarios which often they are too close to see clearly in their daily roles.

Finance Through Play creates a positive and highly interactive way to learn. Establishing easy to recall and enjoyable memories with the information people need to remember, resulting in strong learning retention and a remarkably positive and effective way for both teams and individuals to progress.

The content appeals and applies to a wide demographic. It’s suitable for large corporations looking to inspire a dramatic shift in commercial thinking within their teams and also applicable to independent businesses seeking to help their teams see and feel where every penny goes and in doing so, work more effectively with this knowledge.

These programmes work well with audiences of anywhere between 12 and 500 people.

TCS – The Change Simulation

We also deliver TCS, ‘The Change Simulation’ which offers a different style of game-based learning. Designed to gift participants with a hardwired understanding of business based decisions, TCS exposes participants to the chance to win and lose* and neurologically works with the release of dopamine and testosterone which occurs naturally in this type of simulation.

Participants are able to successfully transfer their learning to their working environment. Working on the neuroscientific premise that nurture changes nature,** the TCS programme has a positive and long-term impact on players and the corporations they work for.

We run these programmes for any number of participants and can offer either an ‘out the box’ simulation or options tailored to specific businesses and training requirements.


* “success and failure shapes us more powerfully than genetics and drugs.” – Ian Robertson, Cognitive neuroscientist
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** Affective Neuroscience: The Foundations of Human and Animal Emotions By Jaak Panksepp

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