Hello, welcome to vlog five I think it is. This vlog has been inspired by a recent conversation with an associate of mine, Jermaine Edwards – he’s an amazing guy, an inspirational speaker, an incredible chap, there’s more about him on his website, so take a look at that: www.jermaineedwards.com

Jermaine asked me in a recent conversation, ‘what was the most exciting thing that was happening for me right now’ and I actually referred to a recent coaching session with Tristan, my coach and hey, let’s put Tristan’s website up as well: www.tristansoames.com So, in this conversation with Tristan, I discovered a new business angle that I am going to explore and that is that I am going to help others trainers to get work.

So, let me go back to the beginning. I got into training by selling training for Profitability who I’ve mentioned before: www.profitability.com and I loved seeing expert trainers like John Fletcher and Harry McClain and Richard Smith, do their thing. I got trained up by the in-house team, Nigel and Brian who I mentioned in a previous vlog, to become a trainer, so that’s where I got the bug really. That’s where it all started.

So, the problem with my business now, running a business with just me as a one-man training business – well, one of the problems, there are lots of problems, but one of the problems is that I can’t be in two places at once. So the idea is that I struggle to grow my income without travelling way more than I’d like.

The solution came to me by accident, because what happened was that Oxfam wanted me to do a piece of work for one of the fund raising teams and I was really excited about the project and I really wanted to do it. However, I was already booked that day by another client and Oxfam couldn’t move their date. So what we ended up doing is that I recommended a colleague of mine to come in and do the job that I would have done, the colleague being Anne Marie Davis. Now Anne Marie clearly did an amazing job, she’s an incredible facilitator. That meant that just last month, was the first day since I started my business over five years ago, that my business actually earned two fees in one day.

So that’s the idea, I can do more of that right? I know how to sell training, I’ve got a background in selling training. So I can help other people to sell their time as well as selling my own time. So I want to pass on those skills in how to sell the time to other trainers, to other facilitators and at the same time to develop my business by developing theirs.

So, if you’re a trainer, or facilitator, who likes the idea of collaboration, of partnership, get in touch, we may just be able to help each other.

Thanks very much.