Good morning everyone, welcome back. It’s nice to be back with you.

So, I am going for an unscripted vlog today, just natural, top of the head type stuff. I want to give you a sense of what goes on in my world and my thoughts, which I think are interesting to share in our industry given the work that we do.

I want to talk today about something I mentioned all the way back to vlog 2, where I talked about niche marketing. I was talking about my struggle to define myself as just one thing, how that to say that I’m just one thing would be limiting for me, for anyone.

However, I’m coming round to the idea. So today I want to talk about how a couple of my ‘things’ are really tightly linked. One of the things that I think I’ve discovered over the last couple of years, that I really want to focus in on, for the next say, 10 or 20 years, is event facilitation. I don’t mean running training or facilitating a training event. I mean being present in a room with a group of people who need to get to an outcome. Maybe having some preparation beforehand, to plan the journey or a few contingency journeys, but to facilitate an event that moves them from A to B.

What’s important about this distinction is that they move themselves. As the facilitator, you’re guiding the way, you’re not delivering training, you’re not inputting into the process; you remain neutral throughout the process. I’m finding it really exhilarating to work in that space and I’m really enjoying it.

I was also thinking recently about my coaching, which I also really enjoy doing. That’s giving 1-2-1 coaching which helps people move from one place to another. Again, you’re remaining neutral and not inputting into the discussion, or trying not to input into the discussion. I was looking at the two and seeing lots of similarities between the event facilitation and the coaching.

Sometimes within event facilitation, I find myself almost delivering public coaching; if one person gets stuck on something and I can see that the rest of the group are kind of almost asking them to move their thinking forward, then there’s a moment when I switch from an event facilitator to a coach and I deliver some 1-2-1 coaching to that person, to see if they can move past whatever is stuck for them.

This then makes me think about group coaching. Maybe I should be looking at group coaching as well as something that I can add into my field? The irony then is that this feels like it that moves me further away from my niche right? So do I do group coaching as my ‘thing’ or facilitation as my ‘thing’? Who knows? What I do know is the type of facilitation I like; that I enjoy and that I am good at delivering, and that’s helping people move from A to B. Enabling them to get there by themselves, whether in a group or individually.

Is that niche enough? What do you think? I’d welcome any comments or thoughts – I know that a lot of you are experienced coaches, facilitators and marketeers, so I’d welcome your thoughts and also please get in touch if you need any coaching or event facilitation, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.