Here are our top five tips for virtual facilitation

Create a connection

Create space at the start of your meeting/event for people to connect. Not just about work. Do something, anything, in small groups or as a whole room so that people are connecting as humans. Recreate the equality of being co-located. Make it fun. Make it meaningful. 

Ideas you can try to create a connection:

  • Meditation
  • Puzzles
  • Riddles
  • Sharing non-work chat

Share an agenda

Have a clear agenda. If possible share the agenda in advance. The agenda should include items such as outcomes and actions. Let people know in advance if they will be expected to read anything before the meeting.

Ideas you can try to arrange an efficient agenda:

  • Co-create a live agenda
  • Focus on the outcomes
  • Be clear on actions

Line up some tech support

Have a colleague run the technical side of the meeting. Have them focus on people joining the meeting. Give their number for support if people struggle. Make sure you are focusing on the people in the “room” and someone else is working on why “John from Accounts” can’t get his microphone to work!

Ideas you can try to tame your technology:

  • Ask people to check their tech beforehand
  • Share a number for support

Seek feedback

The information that is being shared is only as powerful as the message that is being received. Check-in every once in a while so that you hear what is being heard by the group.

Ideas you can try to get useful feedback:

  • Use questions
  • Use Breakout discussions

Use tools

The technology which you are connecting with will have some inbuilt tools you can play with. I like to think of that technology as the physical space. Using other tools such as Mentimeter, Klaxoon or countless others as the interactive piece can work wonders for engagement.

Ideas you can try to make the most of your tools:

  • Set a quiz
  • Write questions in the Chat
  • Enable group work
  • Collate ideas
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