Learning Through Play: Business Finance

We are always happy to come and demonstrate, Learning Through Play: Business Finance. Simply drop us an email.

Understand the numbers and how the business makes money.

Know how everyone involved in the business contributes.

Develop the ability to make good judgement calls and decisions in every role.

Understand what activities maintain, drive and improve profitability.

Live Sales Coaching

We are launching a new live sales coaching programme with 6 months of sales support, coaching and consultancy.

This package is only available to UK businesses with a minimum of 2 sales people and a maximum sales team of 20.


We can work with start-ups on a one-to-one basis to coach them through their early business development phase, training the management team to acquire clients and sales effectively and sustainably.

We can also step in and handle the business development side completely, allowing the management team to focus on building and delivering their product.









What We Do

We facilitate experiential learning. As facilitation trainers and coaches based in Oxford, we deliver powerful and effective events and training simulations as well as 1-2-1 business coaching.

We work with a broad spectrum of SME’s, entrepreneurs, large corporate teams and international charities.

Our work encourages inspired decision making, improved sales and creates a rewarding learning culture within businesses of all sizes.

Phil Walsh – Director

Hi, I’m Phil Walsh. I run Learning to Achieve where we deliver training and events that will change the way you think, change the way your employees and event attendees think and in doing so make a positive difference to your business.

We do this through experiential learning; running learning simulations and using proven practical and neurological tools to inform participants and ensure their learning sticks with them long after the event.

As an experienced business coach I run programmes across Europe and the UK, working with audiences ranging from 12 to 500 people and I love it! I’m passionate about making a difference and at Learning to Achieve that’s exactly what we do.

At Learning to Achieve we specialise in Finance Through Play and Emergency Response Simulations, as well as facilitating memorable events and providing skilled business coaching based on years of successful business development experience.


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I worked with Phil while setting up Ernest Journal, which is an independent magazine for the curious and adventurous. Phil was instrumental in figuring out our place within the market, and in helping me come up with a strategy for delivering thoughtful brand partnerships that grew out of our ethos.

Thanks to our sessions, we were able to present ourselves as an established and confident brand from the off. As a result, Ernest Journal is now self-sustaining and thriving in its third year (no mean feat for an indie magazine). Along the way, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with a small number of key partners who appreciate our approach, and among our readers we are well-known for our considered and honest approach to advertising.

I would highly recommend working with Phil, as he can not only help you tease out your own strategy, but he’ll make it feel fun and rewarding at the same time.

Jo Keeling, Ernest Journal

I asked Phil to help me when I saw that my business development team had fantastic account development skills and the need for new cold approaches was higher than ever.

The emergency that we were responding to and raising funds for did not invoke the usual reaction from our existing accounts. We needed to massively scale up our cold advances and fast. This required a leap in confidence and skill development to create new partnerships in a short space of time.

Phil ran a one-day session for our team which resulted in a clear action plan. The team planned a series telephone events and hit the phones hard. Over 800 calls were made and the team secured a number of new donations. Some of these donations have led to ongoing partnerships with companies that still support our work years later. The proactive reaction of the team to Phil’s training was impressive and the benefits of Phil’s work was long lasting.

Chris Ashworth – Head of Corporate Partnerships, Oxfam